If you are unlucky to suffer a major loss could you carry on trading? 
40% of businesses do not have enough business interruption cover to get them back on their feet (Building Cost Information Service 2012).  
You may be able to self fund any losses, but a more likely option is to purchase business interruption insurance, and typically your business activities will determine which options are best for you. 
Business interruption is normally purchased alongside property insurance, and is not usually available to buy in isolation. 

Business interruption insurance options 

There are a few options available for you to choose, but, depending on your business, we would recommend at least one of the following. 
Loss of gross profit – usually most suitable if you are a manufacturer 
Loss of gross revenue – usually most suitable if you are retail/hospitality 
Increased cost of working – usually most suitable if you are office based 

Indemnity period 

Typically your business interruption insurance will indemnify you for 12 months, but we would always recommend a 24 month indemnity period as a minimum. Why? Well, if you are unfortunate to suffer a large loss, then 24 months is more likely the minimum period needed for a business to fully recover its trading level and to rebuild its customer base.  
So if you want to make sure that your business interruption insurance measures up then give G3 Insure a call on 01829 771411 or fill in the form on the contact page
When talking to clients we also consider optional extensions that may be available. If you are a manufacturer and you are solely reliant on one specific customer or supplier, what would happen to your business and your bottom line if they suffered a fire that prevented them from trading? Did you know that you could insure yourself against this eventuality?” 
G3 Insure business interruption insurance 
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